Picture Reference: http://www.cattail.nu/ivy/
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You CAN get poison ivy from working with the vine in winter if you gather it AND you CAN get it in your lungs if you burn it and breathe the smoke.
bulletPoison ivy
bulletToxicodendron radians
bulletUrishiol, resin
bullet50% suseptible
bulletInhaling smoke very dangerous

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Reading Reference: http://www.discoverlife.org/nh/tx/Plantae/Dicotyledoneae/Anacardiaceae/Toxicodendron/
This is true poison ivy that is best known for its nature to climb the trunks of trees in the form of a furry vine. Its leaves are also well-known for their trifoliate structure. Less-known aspects include greenish-white flowers and aerial roots which the vine uses to climb (Frankel, 1991).




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