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An Urgent Letter to Americans

From: Christopher Ruddy, Editor, and
Carl Limbacher Jr
James Hirsen
Diane Alden
Wes Vernon
Wilson. C. Lucom
Tammy Bruce
Charles Smith
Barry Farber
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Support America!
Boycott Cowardly France!

NewsMax is again taking the lead in standing up for America with our new “Boycott Cowardly France Campaign.”

As you know, NewsMax is one of the leading online news services that stands for American values. Now you can help us support America and President Bush.

You may also know about NewsMax Magazine, edited by Christopher Ruddy, with great columns from Bill O'Reilly, David Limbaugh, Thomas Sowell, Michelle Malkin, Mike Reagan and many others.

With your help we can reach millions of Americans, send a wake-up call to cowardly France, and show strong support for our soldiers in the field who are risking their lives for all of us.

Now, NewsMax's "Boycott France" wants to reach millions of Americans, send a wakeup call to cowardly France, and show strong support for our soldiers in the field who are risking their lives for all of us – but we need your help to do this!

Our national "Boycott Cowardly France Campaign" will expose France, support our President, and tell the truth to America and the world.

Ultimately what's at stake is nothing less than the lives of thousands of soldiers and millions of Americans

This campaign can also rally all those people now sitting on the fence and provide our men and women in uniform with the support they need to win.

Here is some of the urgent information we will reveal to the world.

The real reason why France is trying to block America

The French claim they are fighting for peace and taking the moral high ground by attempting to block support for America’s campaign to eliminate Saddam Hussein.

That’s a pack of self-serving lies.

The reality is that France has been in bed with the genocidal Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein for decades. As the New York Post reports:

France has massive investments in Iraq (and has made a fortune out of the U.N. oil-for-food program). Everyone knows that it is worried that a successor regime might not honor contracts made by Saddam.

For decades France has been taking blood money from one of the worst dictators on earth, and now they’re guardians of morality? I don’t think so.

Paris is in fact a charter member of the “Axis of Weasel” and the French don’t care that their efforts not only may cause American men and women to die needlessly but also put millions in the U.S. and throughout the world at risk of a new wave of terrorist attacks, as long as they can protect their blood money.


France’s long “hate America” campaign

Whether it’s supporting terrorist-abetting Cuban dictator Fidel Castro or nosily denouncing U.S. capital punishment, France seldom passes up an opportunity to oppose America in the United Nations and elsewhere.

The sad reality is that current French leaders envy and hate America for our power and wealth. While America has been prospering, France (along with much of Western Europe) remains deeply mired in economic stagnation created by a failed socialist economy and myopic leaders.

France’s new “hate America” campaign is particularly despicable when considering the history of American aid to France.

bullet When Germany threatened France during World War I, American doughboys came to the rescue.
bullet Thirty years later, when France was conquered by Nazi Germany and her people enslaved, tens of thousands of Americans gave their lives to defeat their German conquerors and free France.
bullet After World War II, France was one of the largest beneficiaries of the U.S. Marshall Plan which saved the French from destitution and rebuilt their economy.
bullet Then, when the Soviet Union threatened Europe during the Cold War, for over 40 years the American nuclear shield again protected France from Soviet conquest.

Again and again America has saved France from political annihilation and slavery. But instead of appreciation, again and again we have received sneering derision.

bullet When America went toe to toe with Castro during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the French said they would not stand with us.
bullet When President Reagan bombed Khadafy’s Libya after it sponsored terrorism that killed American soldiers, the French refused to allow US bombers to cross its airspace.

Today, as Chairman of the Pentagon’s Policy Advisory Board Richard Perle observes: "France is no longer the ally it once was. I have long thought that there were forces in France intent on reducing the American role in the world."

‘Beneath Contempt’

And it gets even worse. Even Left Coast Democrat Rep. Tom Lantos of California said he was "particularly disgusted by the blind intransigence and utter ingratitude" of the Axis of Weasel after it gave Saddam the green light to attack Turkey.

"If it were not for the heroic efforts of America's military, France, Germany and Belgium today would be Soviet socialist republics," Lantos noted. "The failure of these three states to honor their commitments is beneath contempt."

So fanatical is French President Jacques Chirac's jealousy and hatred of America that even his fellow Europeans are now expressing outrage at his implication that France would block now independent former Soviet satellites from joining the European Union because they are too "pro-American."

"They missed a good opportunity to keep quiet," Chirac huffed, and went on to claim that those who support America were "childish and irresponsible."

But what can you expect from politicians from a country that virtually surrendered to the Wehrmacht without a fight, and then eagerly collaborated with Nazi Germany?

It’s no wonder that more and more Americans and others throughout the world are sick of France’s arrogance and cowardice, and there is a growing global movement to boycott French goods.


The time has come to hit ungrateful,
cowardly France where it counts: in the wallet.

As the war on terrorism heats up, now is the time for all patriotic Americans to show their support for our President and our country.

That is why NewsMax is launching our national "Boycott Cowardly France Campaign". With your help, we can reach millions.

If Paris wants to keep profiting from Saddam Hussein, Americans should just say no to French goods.

Boycott all things French: their gooey cheeses, their overpriced wines, their rip-off Perrier and Evian water, their crummy automobiles...

And most of all we will be boycotting their white flags. As President Bush said, we shall not surrender to evil and terrorists.

Please take a moment now and stand up for our country, our boys in uniform, and all who oppose terrorism by supporting our "Boycott Cowardly France Campaign".

NewsMax plans a nationwide ad campaign to encourage Americans to boycott France. You can help us. Please send what you can afford $50, $20, even $10. It will send France a message they will never forget.


Join NewsMax’s "Boycott Cowardly France Campaign"

Yes, I want to join the boycott lead by, one of America’s leading online news services.

I also want to help NewsMax’s effort to alert millions of Americans to the "Boycott Cowardly France Campaign".

NewsMax plans to take out newspaper ads, internet ads, and if funds allow, radio and TV commercials to encourage Americans to boycott French goods, products, travel and services.

This will send a wake up call to the Paris elitists – betray America and the Western alliance at your own cost!

NewsMax has an ambitious program to reach millions of Americans – if contributions allow – for ads in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and major papers across the country.

This will not only inform millions of Americans, but send a wake up call to France, and make them reluctant to obstruct America, Britain and other allies.

We believe France, by not making a united front against terrorism, has put America at risk to terrorism. They have also weakened Western resolve as American troops are on the line in the sands of the mid East.

Your contributions can make a difference. NewsMax has done these informational campaign to great effect during the Elian Controversy and Election Crisis of 2000. We reached millions in those campaign with full pages ads in the NY Times and TV commercials on Fox News and elsewhere.

Now you can send your message to France: We will not economically support countries that support terrorism and will not stand with us.



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