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Amesbury, Merrimac, Salisbury, Salisbury Beach

Businesses & Services in this area are welcomed to be listed in UNEC.
See Advertising Dep't for information.

UNEC Cyber Community is Proud to Serve the Salisbury, MA Community with a Directory of Businesses & Services and Useful Information.


Amesbury (MA) City Guide

Chamber of Commerce
Salisbury Chamber of Commerce
Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce
Merrimac Valley Chamber of Commerce

Merrimac Guide & Merrimac Massachusetts

Massachusetts Attorney General

Social Security Office

Credit Card Protection Solicitations

The Consumer Protection & Antitrust Bureau has received calls from New Hampshire citizens who are being contacted via the telephone by a telemarketer in an attempt to sell credit card protection for lost or stolen credit cards. Unfortunately, company representatives may be misinforming their targeted potential customers as to liability for unauthorized use of their credit cards. Consumers can learn more about the laws surrounding credit and ATM cards from the Federal Trade Commission's page on Credit and ATM Cards. Consumers can also learn more about this and other topics from the NH Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC can be reached by phone at 1-877-FTC-HELP

Map: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Salisbury&state=MA

Population, Real Estate, etc:
Amesbury: http://www.city-data.com/zips/03833.html
Merrimac: http://www.city-data.com/zips/01860.html
Newburyport: http://www.city-data.com/zips/01950.html
Salisbury: http://www.city-data.com/zips/01952.html


Have a pleasant journey and thank you for using UNEC Cyber Community for the information you seek.

Post Offices
(800) 275-8777

Amesbury, MA
Us Post Office
200 Main Street
Amesbury, MA
(978) 388-7537

Merrimac, MA
US Post Office 
79 East Main Street
Merrimac, MA 
(978) 346-7400
Newburyport, MA
Us Post Office

61 Pleasant Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
(978) 462-4284
Salisbury, MA
Us Post Office
6 Elm Street Unit C
Salisbury, MA
(978) 465-1410

Mail Services

UPS   FedEx   USPS   DSL


Amesbury Public Library
149 Main St
Amesbury, MA
Newburyport Public Library
94 State Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
(978) 465-4428
Merrimac Public Library
34 W Main St 

Merrimac, MA 
(978) 346-9441 
Salisbury Public Library
17 Elm St
Salisbury, MA

Fire & Police

Amesbury Fire Dept
17 School St
Amesbury, MA

Amesbury Police Dept
19 School St
Amesbury, MA
Merrimac Fire Dept 
21 E Main St 
Merrimac, MA 
(978) 346-8111 

Merrimac Police Dept
16 E Main St 
Merrimac, MA 
(978) 346-8321
Salisbury Fire Dept
37 Lafayette Rd
Salisbury, MA

Salisbury Police Dept
14 Railroad Ave
Salisbury, MA

City/Town Offices & Departments

Amesbury Town Offices
62 Friend Street
Amesbury, MA 01913

(978) 388-8124

Amesbury Town Mayor
(978) 388-8123

Mayor's Office

(978) 388-8121

Administration and Development
(978) 388-8110

(978) 388-8102

Building Inspector
(978) 388-8129

Chamber Of Commerce
(978) 388-3178

(978) 388-8100
Conservation Commission
(978) 388-0202

Council on Aging
(978) 388-8138

Emergency Management Agency 
(978) 388-8155

Fire Department (business only
(978) 388-8165

Health Department
(978) 388-8133

(978) 388-5060

Police Department (business only)
(978) 388-1217
Public Library
(978) 388-8148

Public Works Department
(978) 388-8116

(978) 388-8121

Tax Collector
(978) 388-8105

(978) 388-8106

Veterans Office
(978) 388-8136


Building Inspector 
4 School St
Merrimac, MA 
(978) 346-4066

Communication Ctr 
16 E Main St 
Merrimac, MA 
(978) 346-8321 

Council On Aging 
28 School St 
Merrimac, MA 
(978) 346-9549

Light & Water Dept 
10 W Main St 
Merrimac, MA 
(978) 346-8311
Mental Retardation Dept 
1 Main St
Merrimac, MA 
(978) 352-2152

Selectmens Office 
4 School St 
Merrimac, MA 
(978) 346-8862

Town Accountant 
4 School St 
Merrimac, MA 
(978) 346-8862
Town Clerk 
2 School St 
Merrimac, MA 
(978) 346-8013 

Waste Water Treatment 
50 Federal Way 
Merrimac, MA 
(978) 346-9988 

Water Dept Station 
Wallace Way 
Merrimac, MA 
(978) 346-8407


5 Beach Rd
Salisbury, MA 
(978) 465-8086 

Administrative Asst 
5 Beach Rd 
Salisbury, MA 
(978) 465-2310

Building Dept 
63 Lafayette Rd 
Salisbury, MA 
(978) 462-7839 

Council On Aging 
43 Lafayette Rd 
Salisbury, MA 
(978) 462-2412

Dog Office 
24 Dock Ln
Salisbury, MA 
(978) 462-4151
Elderly Affairs 
43 Lafayette Rd 
Salisbury, MA 
(978) 465-6837

Environmental Dept 
Reservation Rd
Salisbury, MA
(978) 462-4481

Health Board 
5 Beach Rd
Salisbury, MA 
(978) 462-3430

Parking Clerk 
5 Beach Rd
Salisbury, MA 
(978) 462-1145 

5 Beach Rd
Salisbury, MA 
(978) 462-1145
5 Beach Rd
Salisbury, MA 
(978) 462-8232 

Sewer Emergency 
187 Elm St
Salisbury, MA 
(978) 465-2798

Town Clerk 
5 Beach Rd 
Salisbury, MA 
(978) 462-7591

Sewer Treatment Plant 
187 Elm St 
Salisbury, MA 
(978) 465-4058 

Town Cemeteries 
63 Lafayette Rd 
Salisbury, MA 
(978) 462-7611 

Social Service & Welfare Organizations

Amesbury Community Action Inc
11 School St
Amesbury, MA
  Title Iii Nutrition Program
9 School St
Amesbury, MA
13 Lafayette Rd
Salisbury, MA
United Homes For Children
84 W Main St
Merrimac, MA
Northeast Independent Living
24 Morrill Pl
Amesbury, MA
Women Infants & Children
11 School St
Amesbury, MA
Northern Essex Elder Transport
115 Main St # A
Amesbury, MA
81 Winter St
Merrimac, MA

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