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Hormone Melatonin Slows Breast Cancer

By Daniel DeNoon
WebMD Medical News
Copyright (c) 1996 - 2004, WebMD, Inc. All rights reserved" and other copyright and proprietary rights notices that are contained in the Content.

The nighttime hormone melatonin puts breast cancer cells to sleep. It also slows breast cancer growth by 70%.

David E. Blask, MD, PhD, of Bassett Research Institute in Cooperstown, N.Y., reported the findings at this week's annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Breast cancers get revved up by a kind of dietary fat called linoleic acid. Melatonin interacts with linoleic acid, so he gave melatonin to mice implanted with human breast cancers.

"This breast cancer rev-up mechanism gets revved down by melatonin," Blask said at a news conference. "Nighttime melatonin is a relevant anticancer signal to human breast cancers. Ninety percent of human breast cancers have specific receptors for this signal."

The hormone seeps from a pea-sized gland in the brain when the lights go out at night. It's the reason you get sleepy when it's dark. Blask and colleagues found that melatonin puts cancer cells to sleep, too.

Blask's team exposed lab mice with human breast cancers to constant light. Tumor growth skyrocketed.

"With constant light, tumors grow seven times faster and soak up incredible amounts of linoleic acid," he says. "During the day, the cancer cells are awake and linoleic acid stimulates their growth. But at night cancer cells go to sleep. When we turn on lights at night for a long time, we suppress melatonin and revert back to the daytime condition."

The finding may explain why nurses who often work the night shift have high rates of breast and colon cancer.

Blask says clinical trials are under way to see whether melatonin supplements can help treat cancer. It may also help in other ways.

"When you take melatonin prior to normal onset of sleep, it will [jump-start the sleep cycle]," he notes. "Many cancer patients suffer from sleep problems. Melatonin may also improve the quality of life in cancer patients by helping them sleep."

Arizona Cancer Center researcher David Alberts, MD, notes that there is a lot of interest in melatonin as a sleep inducer. However, he worries about the safety of over-the-counter melatonin supplements.

"The issue is safe dosing of melatonin," he said at the AACR news conference.

Provided that melatonin supplements actually contain the hormone, Blask isn't worried about overdose.

"In human studies, melatonin has basically no toxicity," he tells WebMD. "Now it takes very little melatonin to stimulate nighttime sleepiness -- on the order of three-tenths of a milligram. But you can't overdose with melatonin. People have taken gram quantities. Its nastiest side effect is sleepiness."

SOURCES: American Association for Cancer Research 94th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., July 11-14, 2003

. David E. Blask, MD, PhD, Bassett Research Institute, Cooperstown, N.Y. David Alberts, MD, Arizona Cancer Center.


Remember we are NOT Doctors and have NO medical training.


Below Info Provided by:

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Studies and LINKS
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Natural Stragies: Risk Red / Prev

We need to make it clear that no strategy is 100% effective. The information here is gathered from hundreds of studies and years of observations. Some is 'best guess' but some is absolutely proven.

None of it seems harmful, lots of it is common sense.

Seven Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health

1. Start eating organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Studies continue to show organically-grown foods contain more vitamins and minerals and less chemicals than conventionally-grown food. Think about adding vitamins daily. Remember dietary supplements are NOT a substitute for good nutrition.

See http://annieappleseedproject.org/vitaminstudies.html

And letís face it, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals are implicated in many ailments including cancer. As more research takes place, we will have more direct evidence.

See our section on Environmental Issues and Food/Water/Products Issues section for more.

2. Start exercising. Studies have shown that exercise is beneficial to all aspects of your health, including reducing risk of more/other cancer.

Get your kids exercising too.

You can walk around your room, your block, your neighborhood, ride a bicycle, jump a trampoline, swim, do yoga, tai chi, chi gong, walk a treadmill, etc. Just do it.

Best part, you can do it a few times a day and still get a benefit as long as you combine it with healthy food choices.

See http://annieappleseedproject.org/exmaycutside.html

3. Healthy food choices include more fruits and vegetables with EVERY meal.

You need a minimum of NINE a day as the National Cancer Institute has stated. Less salt, less sugar, NO hydrogenated fats( bad for the heart). Use olive oil, flax oil (cold only), or ghee. Avoid soda, drink water (maybe with a little vitamin C powder). Eat whole wheat, whole grains, less processed foods. Avoid preservatives and additives like artificial color and flavor.

See the Food/Water/Products Issues page on our site.

4. Learn to consciously relax. Meditation, music, art, journaling, yoga, massage, aromatic oils, many other methods will work. Maybe you garden, embroidery, sew, it all works to relax you.

See the Mind/Body section on the Treatment page of our site, or http://annieappleseedproject.org/reltec.html

5. Detoxify your body too. Get your lymph system functioning optimally. This is especially important for those of us who have had node dissection. Small trampolines work well for this. Skin brushing is another method. Or self-massage starting at the neck, unaffected arm, or groin to open the lymph drainage channels. See our section on Lymphedema Issues on the Breast Cancer Issues page, or Detoxification Issues on the Treatment page of our site.

6. Tips for pre-surgery, recovery, non-toxic ways to treat unwanted effects. See http://annieappleseedproject.org/nontoxwaytod.html

7. Talk to your doctor or other healthcare provider about everything that you do. If you use herbs and you hope they work, then discuss it. You may download studies and articles from our site to help you with this talk.

Do we need to even mention this? STOP SMOKING IMMEDIATELY.




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